My approach to therapy is collaborative, supportive and interactive. I work with adults, graduate students, adolescents, parents, and families who are seeking to make changes in how they feel about themselves, how they manage life's challenges and how they interact with those around them. At the core of my work is the humanistic belief that positive change and growth is possible. My work is action oriented, systems based, and informed by your creativity, imagination and strengths.


Each session is approximately 45-60minutes, $180.00. Initial intake appointment $200.00.

I am a preferred provider with Premera, Regence, First Choice Health Network, and Kaiser/Group Health PPO. Insurance companies have different policies regarding claims and reimbursement. Many offer reimbursement for out-of-network providers. Contact your insurance company to clarify your coverage before beginning services. Payment for services is the client's responsibility so please understand your coverage policies and keep track of billing and services. 

If you are using insurance, I strongly advise you to call your insurance to specifically check the insurance carrier and the coverage for mental health services before our first appointment as you are financially responsible for services not covered by insurance. Some insurance companies outsource their mental health services to other insurance companies so you will want to double check that I am an in-network provider with whomever is covering your mental health services.